fun facts about cynthia

Fun Facts about Cynthia

best job I could ask for

Owner and main shooter

I am a classic-style wedding and portrait photographer based in Wichita, Kansas. I have shot hundreds of families and weddings over the past nine years. I love connecting with people, capturing precious moments, and teaching my clients confidence through their session experience.

My goal is to capture every part of your session, from the emotional story-line to the posed shots to the little moments in between. My style is true-to-color and my hope is that you can look back on these images 40-50 years down the road and VIVIDLY remember your milestone. 

There are LOTS of photographers out there. I encourage you to find one, whoever that may be,
whom you can TRUST.

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what sets me apart?

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1. ENFJ and a 7 on Enneagram 

2. Favorite board game: Boggle 

3. I am a Wichita native, and live in a 100 year old College Hill home 

4. Favorite color: teal 
5. Organizing gives me great joy
6. Favorite states: Tennessee and Colorado  
7. Favorite movie: The Devil Wears Prada 

8. I won the Junior Olympics for high jump in track when I was 15
9. Someday I want a covered back deck so I can watch the rain
10. I owe everything I have to Jesus

Hello! My name is Cynthia. Ever since I was a little girl, I always loved writing, making up stories and being creative. I would wander fields for a place to sit alone or climb the large tree in our backyard that overlooked the pond, and let my imagination run wild. I received a Bachelor in journalism with a minor in music. Then on my 21st birthday I received my first DSLR from my mother, and soon after I realized I had a love for capturing people's stories through the camera lens! 

What's great about shooting every genre of photography is that I can relate to every single one! I have been a graduating senior, I've been pregnant, had my own babies and now I am a mother to 10-year-old Matthew and four-year-old Lyla! (They are the light of my life). When not working or being a mama, I love singing, worshiping, writing, showing my competitive streak in board games, and of course shopping! If you are a coffee person, I'd love to sit down and chat with you sometime! 

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