These two are some of my favorite people! Maggie and Adrienne are two of my 2019 Senior Reps this year and both attend Kapaun Mt. Carmel. When talking about this session, the girls wanted lots of color and were also open to the idea of a greenhouse. I love greenhouses! So we started at a […]

Meet Marissa! Let me tell you, Marissa knows how to WORK IT! I’m pretty sure she was born to model. You could just tell she was having the best time of her life here. Marissa currently is a senior at North High. She keeps quite busy as the Class President, Drama President and a member […]

“I have an obsession with socks,” was the first thing April said on her senior application form. “I constantly find myself scrolling through pages of socks and saving them to my favorites.” A senior at Andover Central High this year, April says she also enjoys playing Tennis, spending time with her small group– growing closer […]

Meet Brittney! Brittney is a senior at Ecademy. She and her family have actually been living in Japan for the past couple months. I have photographed their family for a couple years now, so I was honored when Julie (Brittney’s mom) said she wanted me to take Brittney’s senior portraits when they visited back home […]

Taylor is always looking for new adventures, she says! Senior of Udall High (and one of my senior reps this year!), Taylor plans to attend WSU to obtain her RDH and become a dental hygienist.   In school, Taylor is involved in Volleyball, club volleyball, and NHS. Outside of school, she spends most of her time on […]

Say hello to Ethan! My husband’s family was neighbors with the Nangle family for years, and Ethan and my bother-in-law are still close. So not only was I excited to see these guys because we got to catch up but also because just a couple years before I was able to do his older brother’s […]

Well, when life gives you lemons, right? This was the second time we had tried to schedule one of our themed shoots and it snowed on us! So this time we took a vote and decided to roll with it. It was 20 degrees and was windyyyyyyy so it felt like 15. But they were […]

If there was an award for bravest senior, I think Camila would win. Our session took place on a Saturday morning in 20 degree weather WITH wind so she was… freezing. I felt so bad! Her mom and her decided to power through it so we did and let me tell you, she ROCKED it! […]

Meet Charles Lighty! Yes I have to say it Charles… I remember when Charles was in middle school youth group when I was a leader at Hope Community Church (before he had his man beard of course)! How time flies. A senior at Augusta High, Charles is involved in debate and the gifted program, and […]

I have been dying to take a senior to the local Greater Andover Days Carnival for a couple years now and this year my CW Squad helped that come true! There is something so magical about the twinkling lights, all the people, the cotton candy… just being there brightens my spirit! All 8 of my […]

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