Patsy and Julio first met in a shoe store of all places! They added each other on social media, and with time started dating on Valentine’s day. She actually had plans to move out of state after high school, but couldn’t stand the thought of being away from Julio, so she stayed! The two decided […]

These two! Nathaniel and Deanna first met in Colorado Springs at a job training. After Colorado, they spent two years in Amsterdam working for an organization called the Navigators. “[That] is where we really got to know each other and became really close friends,” Deanna said. “We started dating on December 5, 2018, 10 days […]

When you meet someone who is a local celebrity, it makes you feel like you are part celebrity too, doesn’t it?! Alyson Acklin, anchor at KAKE News, first reached out to me via Instagram inquiring for her big day. From day one, she has been so excited and awesome to work with. After we met […]

Caitlyn and Justin are such a cute story! Justin is 12 years older than Caitlyn, and has known her and her family forever. He watched patiently as she went through life, dated other guys, and had her sweet daughter Lily. Then at the right time, he finally asked her mother permission to date Caitlyn. Her […]

Would you look at this adorable couple? They look like they are straight out of vogue. This couple has been dating since high school, where they originally met in the Buckle. “Over winter break my sophomore year, I had gone shopping at the mall with my family, ” Mattie said. “My mom kept bugging us […]

Zac and Baylee have been dating for a little over TEN years. Zac proposed on their 8th anniversary at Botanica on December 23, 2016. Baylee had no idea that it would happen because everything was planned as usual for their “anniversary date”. “We planned to go to Botanica to see the Christmas lights before going […]

Hannah said she knew he would propose soon because her ring was made using diamonds from her mom’s old wedding ring. “He wanted it to still be sort of a surprise and made it kind of an engagement week,” Hannah said. “We went out and did different stuff everyday. Things we always did, new things, […]

Alex wanted the proposal to be a surprise so he spent the time necessary making sure it was the right time. On the day he proposed, Allison and Alex went to lunch with some friends and then went to Botanica Gardens to look at Jack o lanterns. When they arrived there were kids swarming the gardens […]

I have known both these two for years!! So when I found out that the two of them were together, it made my heart so happy. Megan said the two met on a (mostly) blind date in September of 2016. (She did her research on Facebook she said ha!) The first several months they dated […]

“We were on vacation at Lake Powell, in Utah, with friends,” Danielle said. “We are big into the lake and boating. My fiance was surfing on the back of the boat, with the ring in his back pocket, he knelt and proposed. He actually fell on his first attempt and I didn’t even notice the […]

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