Senior Rep Program

If you are class of 2018, you could be a Cynthia Whiteside Photography Representative! 


What does it mean to be a Senior Rep?

Being a representative means you get to acquire a free photo session by Cynthia Whiteside and show off your awesome photos to your friends! Also if a friend books from your referral, you earn free stuff!  

What I am looking for:

  • Seniors who will be graduating in 2018 in the Wichita and surrounding area

  • Someone outgoing, fun and unafraid of the camera!

  • Someone willing to talk to friends and show their pictures off!

What all will you get? 

  • One Free Session with individual and group pictures with all the Reps!

  • 25 watermarked Representative Cards to pass out to friends

  • 5-10 digital images to share on Facebook and Instagram

  • A blog post featuring you and the other reps!

  • 20% off an individual session later in your senior year

  • 20% all products and digital images after your sesson

  • 5 free digital images each time someone books from your refferal! 

Ready to apply?

  • Fill out my Senior Booking Form here

  • E-mail 3-5 pictures of yourself to

  • Like us on Facebook and Instagram for your photos later!

Excited to make some magic happen with you!