Newborn sessions typically involve three parts in this order: close ups, props and sometimes family.


Babies who are circumcised typically take about 7 days to heal; try to schedule session between 8-10 days after his birth


Please feed them roughly 30 minutes before your session! "Snacks" are totally welcome. If they take a PACI, please bring it! Other things to pack include diapers, lots of wipes, burp rags, extra clothes and maybe a sleeper to easily undress them when they arrive. 


It is most common for baby to be nude. I have a variety of wraps, hats, headbands and even pants outfits for them to wear, and they will be nice and comfortable with our space heater.


We want to make sure baby is safe the ENTIRE time, so be prepared to stay close as a spotter during props. We will always keep them at a safe distance, with eyes on them and hands on when necessary.


There will be bodily fluids! I always tell my clients, if I go home without a bag full of soaked blankets, that is rare! Don't feel bad!


We usually keep a space heater on baby, so it can get a quite warm in the studio. You might consider wearing layers.


Jaundice, baby acne and scratches are common in babies. Don’t worry, we will work our magic to make your baby look beautiful! You will then receive your private online gallery of 30 images within two weeks.


We have a wide selection of baskets, buckets, backdrops, etc. for you to choose from, but I always welcome special props as well!