I will need an approximate due date so I can pencil you in for around that time and leave room in my schedule for you. From there, add my number to your birth plan so I can be notified when baby has arrived. We will then figure out a time that works for me to come within those first couple days. I try scheduling sessions in the morning or afternoon so I can use as much natural light as possible. 


All family members present are welcome to join in these photos. 


This kind of session is a little less posed than my typical sessions. I will still come with my ideas and welcome yours, but I aim to also capture the candidness of your hospital stay, your interactions with each other and baby in it's environment. 


If still in the hospital, try and have the room as tidy as possible around your bed, or I can help move things when I arrive. We will try and minimize the distractions of the dishes, papers, TV, etc. 


If you want your baby's blue or pink foot print paper included, have it nearby, with any other little items you may want included. 


No special outfits are needed for these. I usually like to capture baby swaddled or in a diaper to capture the true freshness of their arrival! 


These sessions include 45 minutes, 30 digitals for $225, with the option to buy more at $5 a photo.