I am a mom of two-- a 7 year old boy and 1 year old girl, a wife, Jesus lover, and I have been running my business full-time for three years now!

Some fun facts about Cynthia!

1. I love all things Joanna Gaines

2. I sing all the time

3. I am obsessed with the color teal

4. I am a neat freak who hates to clean

5. I binge watch every type of law/criminal show on Netflix while I edit

6. I like to make baby headbands- see here!

7. I love to wear dresses

8. I aim for optimism

9. I am obsessed with organizing

10. Give me a cup of coffee during a thunderstorm and I'll be your best friend

Fun facts about my mom and second shooter! 

1. She is the owner and founder of 2nd 2 None Consignment— an resale women's and wedding boutique

2. She loves spending time with her grandchildren

3. She loves gardening

4. She sleeps the weirdest schedule ever

5. She loves to laugh

6. She always has a million ideas and goals

7. She likes to scrap-book

8. She loves Anne of Green Gables

9. She would love to live in Oregon or Colorado

10. When she was younger, she had hair all the way down to her booty!